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Camel Safari
Camel safaris owe their origins to the time when trade and business was carried our between  india and china. It was the time when camel caravans travelled through destined paths ladden with herbs,spices and various natural jewels.The barren and desolate area when toured through camel tour safari package depicts clearly the hardships and faced with a smile on face .
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Camel Safari

Deserts have always been a keen interest  for humans.They cannt withhold their mirth and excitement as to when they are served with a fantastic camel safari tour.The camel safari  is most noble and charming way to explore the latent realm and charm of desrt.  

The accommodation on the way consists of primitive and rurally mud huts, and the way of life-though hospitable-is entirely ethnic. Camel safari tour package  generally cover the area around Jaisalmer, Bikaner or Jodhpur, popularly known as the desert circuit. The period  can vary between one day and two weeks.  
Navigation of the path in the desert is an acquired property, and tourosts must be guided by riders who not only know how to study the Camel Safari India, Adventure Tours Indiastars, but also have the knowledge of the shifting sand behavior of the terrain.  

So friends a Camel safari can be very drowny and boring if you are not accustomed to horse riding and even if you are then also its quite difficult to acquaint.But the Camel safari is really very exciting package available.The reason  why its quite tiring because gait of camel is quite different from horse and create a sense of uncomfort while sitting .But whether tiring or exciting Camel safari tour will add a rich experience  in bows of your experiences.Its unique and fantastic in its sense.

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