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Buddhist Tour
Buddha who believed to have lived between 483 to 563 BC in India spread the major religion called Buddhism,and this is due to his teachings and philosophies accepted worldwide as ethics one should follow.He was born as a prince in very tiny kingdom called Lumbi(now in nepal) but he later discarded all the royal  and luxury and set himself to the path of enlightment  in the search of truth .

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Buddhist Tour

Being on a Buddhist tour to India is definitely  an eye captivating and unforgettable moment with rich experience. The Buddha tour package  is a spiritual journey where each destination is significant for being associated with the life of Buddha. Be it the Mahabodhi temple of Bodhgaya or Buddhist caves of Ajanta, Ellora or the beautiful Gompas of Dharamshala, every palce provides a glimpse of rich legacy of Buddhism in India.

It has been said that Buddha finally got nirvana while he was meditating under a banyan tree in Gaya ,a place in Bihar at the very young age of 35.After getting the enlightment and self Gyaan he went to sarnath to deliver his first sacred sermon and from thereon set Dharmachakra into motion.
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