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Agra is among the few destinations in the world that require any introduction. Being the home to the world- renowned beauty called Taj Mahal, Agra tour Packages are one of the highest selling tours opted by travellers of all kinds and ages.

The symbol of utter romance and love, Taj Mahal is an iconic monument of India, apart from being one of the seven magnificent wonders of the world. Agra while owes its extreme popularity as a travel destination to it, also harbours tons of other attractions that are every bit worth visiting as the Taj itself. Be it the Red Fort or Mehtab Garden or Fatehpur Sikri, Agra surely knows how to preserve and cherish its golden past. Built to the perfection by the skilled artisans, sculptors and engineers of the Mughal era, these exquisite monuments are every traveller’s delight.
The beautiful city of Agra is found near the national capital, Delhi on the western banks of the River Yamuna. This sentimental city is the ideal spot for those in adoration like visitor couples from all over India and the world. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, - the Taj Mahal is a most loved sentimental spot for most recently marry couples. Notwithstanding this White Marble UNESCO World Heritage Site there are a few other recorded landmarks and tombs that go back to the fanciful time. Some of them incorporate the Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Akbar Mausoleum otherwise called the Sikandra Fort.

Aside from these famous places of interest, relish the wide assortment of the neighborhood food and Persian wonders of mind boggling design. There are likewise the renowned Tonga Rides that pull in many visitors. Take a vessel ride over the quiet waters of the Chambal River. The picturesque scene ride will assist you with spotting intriguing winged animals and untamed life as well. The National Chambal Sanctuary is an extraordinary place for feathered creature watchers and picture takers hunting down best winged animals. The place is home to in excess of 316 types of feathered creatures. Some extraordinary species incorporate the Greater Thick-knee, the Indian Skimmer, Lapwings and the Small Pratincole. Perceive how the save groups restore bears at Wildlife SOS Bear Rescue Center. A few Moon Bears, Black bears, Dancing Bears and Asiatic bears were saved under Wildlife Protection Act, India.

The best time to visit this interesting significant vacation destination put is amid Diwali as boulevards are beautifully lit up. Lord Shah Jahan reined this capital city of the Mughal Empire amid the 'Brilliant Age of the Mughals'. He fabricated the Taj Mahal in memory of his dear spouse Mumtaz Mahal. In the event that you are here amid the wedding season, at that point try to be a piece of the sentimental fantasy – themed dream wedding functions here. Head Akbar constructed the red sandstone 'City of Victory' known as the Fatehpur Sikri in the 16-century, now an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Experience the tale life while riding on carriages drawn by ponies (Tonga-rides) at the Akbar Mausoleum in Sikandra. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the mind blowing Agra Fort Sound and Light Show you ought not pass up a great opportunity.
Agra is one of the real vacationer goals in India, so you can without much of a stretch reach here through all methods of transport. Find the opportunity to investigate the world heritge destinations and excellence of Taj Mahal through our extensive variety of Agra Tour Packages.

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